Invest in the latest equipment to grow your business

There are a number of strategies that a business might adopt to achieve growth.

One of these strategies is to invest in new equipment. This allows a business to either offer a new service or improve an existing service by using the latest technology. In both scenarios they can attract new customers and gain an edge on their competitors.

There are several options for purchasing equipment. Here are two examples in the health and beauty industry that chose to finance the purchase of their new equipment.

Investing in a Thermi machine

An Aesthetic Surgeon based in Edinburgh wished to invest in a Thermi250 machine, which is used for bone-muscular rehabilitation, treatment of tendon and articulate distortions and cellulite and collagen remodeling. The Surgeon already had a quotation from one of the established financiers in the medical sector. Using our contacts and understanding of the funders, we were able to provide a more competitive quote, which they decided to go ahead with. 

This was not only a great result for the surgeon, but also for EFT Finance as we are now in discussions with the Thermi supplier to provide finance for their other customers in this sector.

Investing in a hair removal laser

We’ve also been able to help a beauty salon to finance the purchase of a laser for hair removal.

Investing in health and welbeing equipment to grow your business

Investing in equipment to grow your business

If you have a strategy for growth that requires the purchase of equipment, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you gain the finance. Call us on 01403 258934.