Flowers for rent!

Yes, you read that correctly ‘flowers for rent’!

Could you imagine spending £50,000 on flowers? Or more to the point, could you imagine asking someone to lend you the money to spend on £50,000 on flowers?

Funding for lifelike flowers

We were recently asked if we could source finance for artificial flowers (known in the trade as ‘lifelike flowers’); the sort that you see on the reception desk at a hotel or smart office. These companies actually rent the flowers.

When we met the Master UK Franchise holder they asked if we could support their many franchisees throughout the UK with finance to purchase additional flower displays. This would allow the franchisee to increase their rentals and expand their business.

Now, most credit brokers in our industry can source funding for standard assets and equipment such as cars, vans, truck, construction equipment. But, we are known for gaining funding for the ‘unusual’. This is where we add value to a business. 

We knew exactly the right funder to approach, because of the wide variety of contacts we’ve built up over many years and how to present the application.

The first deal we arranged was for £50,000 of flower displays and the second was for £40,000 of flower displays. 

It’s great to have helped these businesses bloom!

A lifelike flower franchise may not be your thing, but we are always happy to speak to UK Franchises who need funding to start or expand their business. 

Or perhaps you have an unusual asset to be funded. This could be for any type of business (and we mean any type of business!).

We like unusual. If that’s you give us a call on 01403 258934 or email Austin Smith or Henry Hemsley.