EU vote and the automtoive industry

It is Remain for the main players in the automotive industry...

The automotive industry is broadly in favour of the UK remaining in the European Union, according to a survey by Autocar of the main players in this country.

As the UK gets ready to vote on 23rd June on whether to stay in or leave the EU, the general sense is that the car industry backs the Remain campaign. This is particularly the case for car manufacturers with owners based on the Continent or overseas and plugged into a European supply base and sales channels.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is leading the automotive lobbying effort for Remain.

...but, not for those relying on trade within the UK

Many automotive trade associations and businesses that rely mainly on trade inside the UK are staying neutral.

Last year 57% of the 1.5 million cars built in the UK were exported to the EU. With the bulk of the companies building cars or engines in the UK owned by EU companies, it makes sense that the manufacturing industry is overwhelmingly in favour of Remain.

Brexit Pros and Cons

Here are some interesting statistics and information we've come across from the web relating to “Brexit”…if anything can be interesting re Brexit!


  • Gross cost of UK being in the Eu approx £17bn net cost £11bn after handouts/rebates
  • Annual UK exchequer income £475bn 
  • Annual NHS cost £115bn.
  • Cost of administering the Eu not available as Brussell’s Eu employees have consistently refused to produce any audited figures.
  • Impaired loans in Italian banks (yet to be allowed for)  €200/€300bn…. I thought we bailed out the banks several years ago!!


  • Remaining means Free Trade with fellow EU States i.e. no tariffs/duty...but Norway has a good compromise agreement
  • Worker’s rights are protected... unless you are in a bailed out country then your rights have been weakened/withdrawn or more probably you haven’t a job
  • Police Coordination and the European Arrest Warrant...but we have arrangements with most countries over the deportation of criminals in place anyway
  • EU funds granted to poorer areas of the UK (structural funds)...Regional development grants by another name surely
  • Influence inside and outside of Europe...We feel we have little influence inside Europe. Yet we lose our strength by being part of a bigger number.
  • The EU brings in new members and helps them grow and the expense of the more wealthy members i.e. the UK
  • The voting system among the 28 members is very fair and democratic….since when has any “28 man political committee” been able to agree on anything?