Germany's CO2 emissions reduction at a slow crawl

Our observations on dieselgate rumble on!

A senior government official in Germany has declared all new car registrations must be for emissions-free models from 2030.

Rainer Baake, German Deputy Economy Minister, has said that new cars will have to be emissions-free to enable his country to meet its CO2 reduction target of at least 80% by 2050. “The fact is, there’s been no reduction at all in CO2 emissions by transport since 1990,” explained Baake at a forum hosted by German newspaper Tagesspiegel.

Germany’s uptake of electric vehicles has been slow, with about 25,000 registered on German roads at the moment, alongside 14.5 million diesel vehicles. The ongoing dieselgate scandal has revealed large-scale inconsistencies in emissions test results and real-world emissions, meaning it’s possible that pollution released by diesel models is higher than the latest estimated figures.