We have had an excellent run of fabulous cars in April & May!

Not one but two Ferraris, a California T (pictured below) and a 458 Spyder, an Audi R8 V10, a Porsche 911GTS, a BMW 640d se , an Audi Q7  and a load of other “normal” cars and vans. 
Interestingly we funded two VW California’s (with another 5 in the pipeline).

The new version of the Camper Van which was so popular in the 70’s but curious that there were none where I lived!!

Fleet Vehicles

Now that we are financing a lot of fleet vehicles we were invited to the Fleetworld motor show at Silverstone where nearly all the new models are on show and most can be test driven.

Time precluded us from driving other than the Audi A3 e-tron but initial impressions of that car were unexpectedly good. Refined, very economical, and surprisingly agile. I’ll need to reconsider hydrids as they have made remarkable progress.

Other news and more from the Soap Box

The Urea additive (AD Blue) units we funded earlier in the year are up and running, but we see that the Audi Eu6 diesel engines need topping up with AD Blue on a more regular basis than advertised. So we envisage a few wise cracks about Audi taking the pi** in circulation shortly!

Vehicle Concierge

We’ve trialled the vehicle concierge company and they can supply a Diesel Porsche Macan for Sept ’15.  The current waiting list from your Porsche dealer is 12m+, which we’re trialling rather than buying!

Diesel Toxicity

Our soapbox has grown after reading the Sunday Times over the weekend as they hammered more nails into the diesel toxicity coffin. Test results apparently revealed several vehicles at between 6 to 12 times above the NOx limits. Thankfully one car, a VW golf, was 30% below the NOx limits so the targets are achievable with the right technology.

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