Automated motoring fines

Motoring fines

Still with automation in mind but this time automated fines rather than automated vehicles, we’ve been looking at the impact this is having on fleet managers.

There’s been a huge increase in motoring fines due to automated number plate recognition as used for toll charges and roadside cameras keeping an eye on bus lane and box infringements as well as speeding.

Research by Lex Autolease found that company drivers incurred a massive £11.1m in motoring fines and penalties in 2015.

Here’s a summary of Lex Autolease’s research in numbers:

  • £4m the increase of motoring fines in the last 3 years
  • £4.4m in parking fines
  • £1.1m in bus lane infringements
  • 198,186 the number of offences committed
  • 37% the year on year increase in offences (3% from 2012-3, and 17% from 2013-4)
  • 17% of increased offences mainly due to the Dart Charge
  • c 35,000 drivers not correctly observing the changes to the Dart Charge  


How are fleet managers tackling this huge cost they are incurring?

Guy Mason, head of fleet operations at Lex Autolease, said “The economic impact of investing in driver training should be incentive enough for businesses to meet this challenge head on.”

Mason added: “While businesses do undertake driver education programmes, such as Drivetech, the fact remains that more than 43,000 company car drivers committed motoring offences which are typically more serious in nature.

“This calls into question the safety of employees and other road users, as well as raising concerns about the possibility of drivers receiving penalty points on their license or even a driving ban – hindering their ability to do their job.”

Parking fines

You no longer have to worry about saving a stash of coins to feed a parking meter with new technology that’s available in most car parks these days.  You can register to pay by credit card or download apps to your mobile for quick and easy payment.  

However, this hasn’t stopped almost 10 million parking tickets being issued each year. Local councils and private companies are generating many, many millions from these fines.  

Have you come across the website  It’s the brainchild of Joshua Browder who created this really helpful website when he was just 18 having been fined 30 times. 

This not for profit website, originally intended for Joshua’s family and friends, allows motorists who have incorrectly been issued a parking ticket to choose one of 12 reasons of defense.  They then enter the relevant details and send a custom-generated appeal created by the website’s algorithm to the council in question.

By January 2016, 120,000 people had used this site to launch appeals against incorrectly issued parking tickets. 

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